We believe in using real ingredients for our products

At Merely, we avoid using artificial flavouring and colouring, or pre-mixes. Be it macerating fresh fruits or roasting and grinding nuts, the real deal is never far off. We’d rather toil long hours in the kitchen processing our own ingredients so that our customers get to taste the ice cream closest to their natural flavours.

We believe in disclosing what goes into our products

There are two reasons why we disclose our ingredients: Our customers have the right to know what they put into their mouths and more importantly, we are proud of the fact that our products are crafted using natural ingredients and free from artificial flavouring.

We believe in selling pure, unadulterated ice cream

Our ice-creams are tasty in their own right. Hence we do not mask our ice cream with additional commercial toppings or sauces, which would compromise the original relish of our flavours.